Working together for greater impact

30th September 2019

South West London Environment Network (SWLEN) and the Environment Trust (ET) are entering a strategic alliance.

As a society we are facing the sixth mass extinction, a climate emergency, resource depletion and extensive pollution of our planet. We can only tackle these huge issues by working together, increasing focus and involvement in ways to combat them.

This is why our two successful local environmental charities are entering a strategic alliance. The partnership will enable both charities to engage more widely and achieve greater impact in their plans for growth through 2020 and beyond to address our pressing environmental challenges.

There is already a great deal of synergy between the charities, which both focus on empowering local communities to protect and enhance their local environment. The two charities are already collaborating on some projects, so the decision to work together more closely is a natural progression.

Simon Martin, Chair of Trustees at South West London Environment “we are we really pleased to be working more closely with Environment Trust and believe this initiative will allow us to improve and enhance services from both charities. Our charity is already working at grassroots level to enable and empower communities and we are working on plans to develop this work even further. We welcome to opportunity to work collaboratively with Environment Trust in how this can include engaging people with our wonderful natural and built heritage.”

“Working in partnership gives us the chance to make a step jump in the number of people we can reach, both geographically across South West London, and in terms of more diverse communities,” says John Anderson, Chair of Trustees, Environment Trust. “These are challenging times for all small charities but we are not standing still. We have plans for growth and are looking forward to working more closely with our friends at SWLEN.”

Staff of the two charities will share resources and knowledge and will co-operate at a project and organisational level. There will be no changes to any programmes, projects or planned events of either charity, all of which will continue as usual.

For more information contact:

Simon Martin – Chair of Trustees, South West London Environment Network (SWLEN)
(please contact via Colin Cooper, CEO of SWLEN on