Smart Communities

Leaving a light on in an empty room, putting the heating on in winter, or simply going to the bathroom can lead to a number of expenses that waste electricity and money.

Smart Communities is a team of people concerned about the waste of energy and works to ensure that we get to be more efficient in our daily lives. To do this, they perform energy checks in South West London to evaluate if businesses and residents are carrying out sustainable management. There is not a thorough investigation of the structure of the house, but after a visual analysis they can advise and help you save money through small actions.

The first step we must take is to ask the question, do we want to be more sustainable?

Are we concerned about the environment or simply we want to save money? Until very recently, the study of energy costs was not a priority, but in recent years due to the considerable increase in costs the management of our resources is becoming more and more important.

Energy and money can be saved by making some small changes. Some of these savings measures cost us nothing whilst others are investments that each individual can choose to implement or not depending on their situation. Smart Communities is able to provide some free and simple measures; such as installing a chimney balloon, or radiator foil to prevent heat loss on the property, or bags that are installed in toilet cisterns to save wáter. An electricity monitor can also be used to show how much electricity we are using in real time and the cost of it.

But the most important component of saving energy is ourselves. The simple act of unplugging electrical items after use is the best way to be efficient. Leaving things on standby wastes electricity and the use of the washer with a temperature above 30 degrees will increase your energy consumption (and your clothes will deteriorate faster at that temperature).


By Vicky Dominguez

Biodiversity Communications Volunteer