On this occasion Smart communities set up a stall with a lot of gadgets and samples for energy efficiency to explain how people can save energy at home with small actions. Clive Messenger was leading the stall with some other passionate energy volunteers to answer resident’s questions and give tips on how to make houses more sustainable and save money at the same time.

The Smart Communities Energy Team performs free home energy checks to advise people on what they can do in the specific case of their house to start saving money and reduce energy waste. One example is installing an electricity monitor, which shows you how much electricity you are using in a specific moment so that people can understand which appliances are wasting the most energy and which behaviours they could change.

Using the right bulbs, turning off electrical appliances instead of leaving them on stand-by or putting foil behind radiators, are just a few tips that they can give to people during energy checks. Participating in this event created the opportunity to schedule some appointments for energy checks for Sunray and Egmont Residents. People seemed very interested and curious about this topic and the Energy Team were very happy to give them all the information they needed.

Local social events and associations are always a good chance to get people more involved on sustainability.

By Manuela Piasentin

Energy and Communications Volunteer