Richmond Biodiversity Partnership

The Partnership launched its first BAP in 2005 with 11 habitats and species action plans. A revised BAP was published in 2011 with 14 habitats and species action plans and work is nearing completion of a BAP to launch in Spring 2019 with 18 habitats and species action plans. The BAP is the strategy document, which through its implementation, protects and manages habitats for species of national, regional or local significance, or those that are on the Red Data Books and Red Lists. The BAP is also used by Richmond Council’s Planning Department to ensure the impact of new developments and changes to existing developments are minimised to the species and habitats featured in the BAP. Other activities have included tours to biodiversity-rich green spaces in the borough to share best practice, habitat management and projects; leaflets on the importance of certain species, and garden surveys to encourage local residents to take an interest in their gardens.

Richmond Biodiversity Partnership

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Richmond Biodiversity Action Plan RBAP

Learn more about the Action Plans, and find ways to get involved, such as reporting your species sighting or making your garden wildlife friendlier

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