Shots need to be of local nature or wildlife and winners will be selected from 2 categories:

1.       Wildlife

Shots of species that live in South West London, but NO DEER!. Shots of deer are excluded from this category. We would particularly love to see shots of any of the ‘at risk’ species below:

·         Bats

·         Song thrush

·         Stag beetle

·         Water vole

·         Hedgehogs

·         House sparrow

·         Swift

·         White-letter hair streak butterfly (found in Elm trees)

·         Pollinators e.g. bees

2.       Habitats

Shot of habitats vital to ‘at risk’ species in South West London including:

·         Lowland acid grassland e.g. Barnes & Ham Common, Richmond Park, Bushy Park, Horne Park

·         Lowland meadow (unimproved grassland)

·         Veteran trees e.g. Richmond and Bushy Park, Wetland Centre

·         Broad-leaved woodland e.g. Crane Park, Ham Common, Richmond Park

·         Reed beds e.g. Bushy Park, Crane Park Island Richmond Park

·         Tidal Thames up to Teddington Lock

·         Rivers and streams e.g. Beverley Brook,  Duke of Northumberland’s River, Longford River, Portlane Brook, River Crane Whitton/Birkett’s Brook

·         Hedges e.g. in churchyards, cemeteries, allotments, railway and road embankments, golf courses, parks and commons

·         Private gardens

·         Black poplar – Thames at Barnes, Kew Gardens, Richmond Park



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