Campaign to Save a Green Space

Here are some links to websites and resources that support campaigns to save public green space.

Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) is a key designation of public green spaces in London. It is aimed at protecting outdoor spaces that are vital for the wellbeing of communities and local biodiversity as these are usually threatened by infrastructure developments. The Mayor of London supports MOL policy, reassuring the protection of open areas from inappropriate development. Click here to see Mayor of London’s Plan and Policy.


1. The Open Spaces Society: Founded in 1865, The Open Spaces Society is Britain’s oldest national conservation body that works to this day to preserve and help members to protect commons, town and village greens, open spaces and public paths for the enjoyment of the public and future generations.

They have launched a campaign to save England’s open spaces and published an open spaces tool-kit consisting of three handbooks that anyone can consult to get advice on how to protect a green space:


2. Fields in Trust:  The National Playing Fields Association was founded in 1925 by King George V with the mission to ensure that everyone – young or old, able or disabled and wherever they live – has access to free, local outdoor space for sport, play and recreation.

They safeguard recreational spaces and campaign for better statutory protection for all kinds of outdoor sites through Deeds of Dedication (or Minutes of Agreement in Scotland). For information on how to nominate a site for protection or seek advice from Fields in Trust click here.


3. Parks for London acts as a network for organisations and groups who own, manage, support or are involved with London’s parks and green spaces to maximise, share and improve information. They champion good practices and new ideas using technology through a range of networks and connections. They support campaigns to stand up for London’s parks and green spaces, contribute to consultations and call for information and research from experts. The organisation also runs, participates in, and promotes events, seminars and conferences to future proof London’s parks and green spaces. Click here to read a very useful documents drawn together by Philip Colvin, the Chairman of the Crystal Palace Campaign. It was originally written for the charity GreenSpace as: ‘How to Run a Successful Community Campaign to Save Open Space’, 2004.


4. The UK Government’s website has a detailed guide on how to register land as a town or village green. Click here to get all the information you need. Voluntary groups that we have worked with have gone through time-consuming processes with limited success, so do contact us for more information and we can connect you with groups who have experiences to share.


5. The National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces (NFPGS) promotes, protects and improves the UK’s parks and green spaces by linking together all the friends and users forums and networks throughout the country.The organisation acts as a voice for the community and lobbies Councils, MP’s and Central Government.


6. London Friends Groups Network  encompasses more than 600 Friends Groups and Forums for public green spaces across London with the aim to protect, enhance and promote green spaces ensuring  good practices and adequate resources. Chaired by Dave Morris, the LFGN have extensive literature in the form of booklets and leaflets available to anyone interesting in standing up for a green space including information on Green Flag Standards. Click here to find out more.  Email Dave Morris to be added to the mailing list. Email Dave Morris to be added to the mailing list.


A Case Study: Saving a Green Space in Dulwich

The Judith Kerr Primary School (JKPS) Green Space Campaign was set up by the local community to prevent the school’s only playing field being sold off for development by The Dulwich Estate.

As an integral part of the school and the wellbeing of students, the removal on this only play field will represent an impact in the community as it will restrict opportunities for education and recreation for future generations of school children whilst the development will increase congestion in the busy intersection close to the school gates representing an ongoing safety risk.

Read here  about the action taken by the save the green space to help Judith Kerr Primary School Playground.