Our staff, volunteers and trustees have a wealth of experience in many areas drawn from working in the business, public and charity/voluntary sectors. We have an extensive knowledge of South West London and over 14 years’ experience of local charity/voluntary sectors. These include;

  • collaborating and partnerships between communities, voluntary sector and local authorities
  • building and management of websites
  • set up and management of social media
  • supporting people to be change agents within their communities
  • using nudge principles to achieve behavioural change
  • strategic and business planning
  • governance, including setting up new organisations and solving problems
  • capacity building community groups, charities and businesses
  • fundraising
  • helping local authorities support community action around environmental activities

We can provide these services to local authorities, businesses, business associations, charities and voluntary groups through our trading arm, SWLEN Social Enterprise.

Please contact us if you would like to talk over any proposals with us.