Friends of Kneller Gardens

The Friends of Kneller Gardens were formed in 2005 in response to the proposals of the Thamesian’s Rugby Club for Kneller Gardens, Twickenham. The aim of the group is:

“To provide a formally recognised group that encourages local people with a genuine interest in Kneller Gardens to participate in the protection, improvement and management of the park, in order to create a safe and enjoyable green open space for use by local residents.”

In particular:

  • To ensure a balanced use of the site that benefits all local residents and park users, without preference to any one group or sporting interest.
  • To develop a well recognised and welcoming local community focus point.
  • Reduce levels of anti-social behaviour
  • Generate a feeling of civic pride for the local community.

Future plans for the Friends of Kneller Gardens include:

  • Finalising the development plan.
  • Establishing detailed plans that we have agreed with the Council, for example planting plans.
  • Identifying and applying for funding to support the development plan.
  • Increasing membership of the group so that we continue to be viewed as a group which has the support of the local community.
  • Community days, for example planting activities.
  • Working with other groups that have an interest in the Crane valley