Friends of Ham Village Green

Welcome to the Friends of Ham Village Green. 

We are a local informal group whose aim is to protect, enhance and promote the green as a community green space.This group has been formed for the community who use and enjoy and value Ham Village Green.

We have all seen the green improved immensely by the work of the parks department and recognized as Public Open Space by the council in its core strategy document and as ‘Other Open land of Townscape Importance’.

Encouraged by this and by the knowledge of how much the green is valued by the community, we have formed Friends of Ham Village Green.

Working with the parks Department, we have had 27 trees planted on the green, some of them ornamental, but also some fruit trees, so look out your recipe books for the future. We now have a glade of silver birches in front of the recycling area and have under planted this with daffodils. The screening of the recycling area is also a welcome addition.

On the wooded corner by Woodville road and Wiggins Lane, we have made a wildflower area. Inspired by the Olympic park we have planted bluebells, wild daffodils, wild ransom, cowslips, wood anemones, wild tulips, and cow parsley. There is also a wildflower meadow for the summer which attracts many butterflies and bees.

This, in conjunction with the bulbs the parks department have planted, makes lots of flowers for bees to pollinate the fruit trees. This area also had the seal of approval from great spotted woodpeckers, who made their nest and successfully raised their chicks here.

We have put a downloadable Wildflower Guide for those of you who are interested in trying to grow wildflowers in your own gardens and in doing so also help to make Ham a haven for all the insects and wildlife that are becoming so endangered.

With the extra wooden benches, kindly provided by the Parks Department and with the fitpoint and improved children’s playground, the green has become a great place, not just for relaxing and picnicking, but for playing games, dog walking and other community based activities such as Tai Chi sessions for over 50s on Fridays from 10.30am – 11.30am.

We now also have The Friends of Ham Village Green community mosaic which celebrates the wildflowers and wildlife of the green.  Over 200 people took part in creating these mosaics, aged from one and a half to eighty-three.  We were very honoured to have Sir David Attenborough come to unveil the mosaics for us and to allow us to help celebrate his eighty-eighth birthday at the same time!

In addition, inspired by the public art event which Richmond Arts hosted in conjunction with ‘Poet in the City’, there is now another mosaic on Ham village green.  Set amongst trees, the mosaic continues to reflect the theme of the wildflowers growing on the green, but also introduces the concept of site specific poetry into the mosaic.  We hope that it will provide much enjoyment for the community as well as being a beautiful addition to the green.

We would very much like to hear from anyone who shares our interests and has suggestions for ways to achieve our aims in improving and safeguarding our green for the future enjoyment of all.

We are hoping that with our involvement the parks department will be able to apply for and be granted a Green Flag Award.

As of July 28th 2014 we received the great news that Ham Village Green has now been awarded the prestigious Green Flag Award. Congratulations to everyone involved.

For more information, please email us at hamvillagegreen@swlen.org.uk

We do hope you will join us!


 The Friends of Ham Village Green Community Mosaic Project

The Ham Village Green community mosaic project was conceived and managed by the Friends of Ham Village Green.

It is funded by Heathrow Communities Together, Richmond Parish Lands, Civic Pride and various local residents. Artistic design, the management of  creation sessions for the community members and the installation of the finished mosaic has been provided by the Save the World Club.

On Thursday 8th May 2014, Sir David Attenborough came to Ham Village Green to officially unveil the mosaics.


Ham Village Green Picture Gallery