My name is Sophie and I’m a 31 year old Registered Veterinary Nurse and mama to an amazing 18 month old little boy and I also volunteer as a Food Waste Hero for Olio one day a week. I collect surplus food that would otherwise go to waste from one of the local Cavan Bakeries and redistribute it to the wonderful community around the Teddington area. Being a Food Waste Hero is great, I’ve met so many lovely people and I’ve been able to pass on delicious goodies to locals from all different walks of life. It’s given me a real sense of community spirit and a sense of well-being too and I look forward to my weekly collections and the chats I have with my regulars as well as welcoming people who might be collecting through Olio for the first time. I would encourage anyone who has some time to spare to become a local Food Waste Hero, you get to engage with your local community while helping the environment and others (you also get to keep 10% of your collection too), and it’s great fun! 

Sophie Masters

Food Heroes are needed to collect surplus food from the Cavan bakery in the Richmond and Kingston areas. To get involveld in this wonderful inititative, download OLIO – The Food Sharing App now and connect with neighbourgs and local businesses to start saving food from waste.  Email volunteer@olioex.com with your questions 💚