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Climate Strike 2019

Employees of the South West London Environment Network will be joining the Climate Strike on Friday 20th September in solidarity with millions of others worldwide to call for climate justice and an end to fossil fuel dependence. As a charity that exists to conserve and protect the environment through engaging and empowering grassroots communities to […]

A novel way...

A Twickenham based theatre director has launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring a new children’s musical, with an important message about climate change, to Hampton Hill Theatre. Stephen Leslie was inspired to create this production after hearing about Ellie and Starlight a story by a local writer that explains climate change in a heart-warming way […]

Why is there...

Why is there so much doubt surrounding climate change? By Max Leighton The Paradox There is a befuddling paradox surrounding what we believe about climate change. There is a huge body of scientific analysis that has been amassing over the past few decades, which overwhelmingly points the finger at us. This stream of evidence is continuously […]

Solar Panel Electricity Systems

Produce cheap and clean electricity from sunlight and GET PAID Electricity prices have increased by roughly 7% every year for more than a decade. The demand for electricity has also grown substantially over the past few years. The residential sector is largely responsible for this increase. Solar panel systems can be designed so that a household’s electricity demand is wholly […]

Richmond upon Thames...

Climate Change is firmly embedded in the list of issues facing our planet in the 21st Century. The term ‘climate change’ refers to any fluctuation in climate, whether as a result of human or natural causes. Natural factors include the changes in the Earth’s orbit, tilt of the Earth’s axis, volcanism or solar activity to […]