2 Minute Litter Pick

Our 2 Minute Litter Pick project was an idea given to us by a local family with passion about anti-littering. They like most of us, were appalled by the amount of litter dropped along their regular walk between Richmond Riverside to Petersham and decided to do something about it. They bought their children litter pickers one Christmas and went out picking on Christmas Day, the rest is history. 2 Minute Litter Pick is a national scheme coordinated by 2 Minute Beach Clean.

Our first 2 Minute Litter Picks boards are a pilot project launch in December 2018 in Richmond town, they were kindly sponsored by Be Richmond and are currently being looked after (guardians) by The White Cross Pub and Gaucho. The boards hold two litter pickers and bags to put collected litter in, simply take a picker and bag and go and collect some litter. Emptied the bag in the normal bins and return the bags and litter picker to the board for the next person to use. You can also bring your own excess bags and put them into the board. If you feel inclined, you can also take a couple of photos or ‘selfies’ and post them on social media using the hashtags on the board – this spreads the word about the project, your good deed and encourages others to take part.