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These are crowdfunding campaigns by groups within our network with all projects vetted by us.

  1. For the love of Paella

    Crime against paellas never cease. They have been vandalised over the years by people without scrupulous throwing peas, pepperoni (worst than chorizo, but not worse than adding british sausages), eggs, cherry tomatoes!! all kinds of seafood... the horror never ends. We need to raise funds to start a campaign to end the abuse against paella. Help us raise 5,00o so we can give people the education they so much need, starting with Jamie Oliver
    £ 0.00 donated of £ 1,000,000.00 goal
  2. Likes don’t save fans

    We found it sad and abandoned on the sidewalk. Every year thousands of fans are abandoned or neglected indiscriminately. Lets put an end to this. No fan should suffer like this. We need to raise funds to find these fans a sweet hot home to cool down.
    £ 0.00 donated of £ 10,000.00 goal
  3. Friends of friendly people

    For everyone that is out there and seeking/ needing a friend. We need funds to take new friends out for drinks, to dance, to the cinema, to eat ice cream, or simply to transport ourselves to their home to pay them a friendly visit. Please donate now and make the world friendlier and
    £ 0.00 donated of £ 1,000.00 goal